The Frequent Filer

The Frequent Filer is our CM/ECF Newsletter! From time to time, we send out and publish here on the web a great deal of important information about CM/ECF. Make the Frequent Filer your source for official CM/ECF information!

Issue # Summary of Frequent Filer Topics:
27 October 7, 2011 ECF 4.2 Highlights, BNC Final Decrees, Upcoming Changes to Rule 3002.1, Resource Reminder: Attorney Online Manual
26 August 5, 2011 Top 10 Case Opening Errors, Online Attorney Manual, B21 Forms
25 April 18, 2011 Spotlight on the BNC, Redaction Reminder, Sioux City Mailing Address Change, Matrix Requirements
24 February 15, 2011 Redaction of Personal Identifiers
23 November 12, 2010 December Rule Amendments
22 December 4, 2009 Customer Service, Reaffirmation Agreement Cover Sheets, December 2009 Rule Amendments, Merged Documents
21 August 28, 2009 ECF 3.3.2, File Sizes and Scanner Settings, Reaffirmation Agreement Cover Sheets, Division Assignment Changes, E-Learning Modules, RSS Feed, Claims Upload, Motion to Dismiss
20 January 9, 2009 CM/ECF Release 3.3, Corporate Parent Requirements, Form Changes, National Guard & Reservists Debt Relief Act, Paper Copies to U.S. Trustee
19 June 6, 2008 ECF Version 3.2 Changes, Transcripts
18 March 3, 2008 Case Opening Refresher