Accessing the Proof of Claim (B10) Form

In this letter to the bankruptcy community, the Clerk advises of the discontinuation of the court's practice of including a copy of the Proof of Claim form with the notices it sends/mails.

Weapons Prohibited in Federal Buildings

See attached letter from the Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court regarding applicability of this prohibition in all court locations in the Northern District of Iowa.

Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

Pursuant to the Northern District of Iowa's District Court Public Administrative Order No. 11-AO-0005-P, entered August 8, 2011, the Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Iowa will also be closed for business on Friday, November 25, 2011.

Entry of Two Standing Orders - Rule Amendment and Registry Fund Deposit Procedure

On November 30, 2010, the United States Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Iowa entered two Standing Orders.  The first, Standing Order No. 10-03, amends Exhibit 1 to Standing Order No. 08-07, to bring Interim Rule 1007-I in line with the December 1, 2010 Federal Bankruptcy Rule Amendments.  The second, Standing Order No.

Reminder - Rule Amendments Effective December 1, 2010

In this letter to the bankruptcy community, the Clerk provides a reminder of the bankruptcy rule and form amendments that take effect on December 1, 2010.  The clerk provides a summary overview of the amendments and link access to the amendments in their entirety.

Streamlining/Clarification of Process - Motions to Dismiss

In an effort to alleviate confusion and standardize the dismissal process for bankruptcy cases in the Northern District, the Clerk's Office has consolidated six different "Motion to Dismiss" CM/ECF events into a single docket event/entry.  The new "Dismiss Case/Debtor(s)" event, found under the Motions menu,  is intended for use in dismissal actions related to: (1)  Abuse; (2)  Failure to Make Plan Payments; (3) Failure to File Documents under 521(i)(1); (4) Failure to Provide Tax Return Documentation under 521(e); (5) Failure to File Taxes; and (6) For Other Reasons.


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