How do I change or correct information in the petition, schedules and statements I have already filed with the Clerk's office?

The information contained in your petition, schedules, and statement of affairs is submitted under penalty of perjury. Therefore, you must be certain that it is correct when you sign these documents.

If, however, you later discover that something is inaccurate, the documents may be corrected by the filing of an amendment with the Clerk's Office. New schedules or statements must be filed showing the corrected information. All amendments must be signed by the debtor(s) with a declaration under penalty of perjury.

A fee of $26.00 must be paid to amend schedules of creditors if creditors are being added. If new creditors are being added, an additional page matrix, showing only the newly added creditors, must accompany the amendment.

A new Form B6 must be filed if an amendment affects the information on Form B6, Summary of Schedules/Statistical Summary of Certain Liabilities. All amendments must be served pursuant to Federal Bankruptcy Rules.