Standing Orders 09-12 and 09-13 - Effective December 1, 2009 - Adopting Revised Interim Rule 1007-I and Vacating Several Standing Orders

          The purpose of this letter is to provide copies of the following two Standing Orders entered by
Chief Bankruptcy Judge Kilburg on November 30, 2009. 

  • Standing Order No. 09-12 - Replaces Exhibit #1 to Standing Order 08-07 and adopts the revised Interim Rule 1007-I. (The Interim Rule has been revised to incorporate the “days are days” time computation amendments that have been applied to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedures.)
  • Standing Order No. 09-13 - Vacates twelve “active” Standing Orders that have now been
    incorporated into the Northern District of Iowa’s Local Rules of Court (effective December 1,

         Thank you for your attention in this matter. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions
pertaining to these Standing Orders.

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