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Case # and Debtor Name(s) Description Chapter Number Debtor Last Name Judge Name Decision Year
L89-00138W PATRICIA SELL MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Re: Motion for Relief from 13 Sell Melloy 1989
L88-01172W HARMONY FOODS COMPANY ORDER RE: Application to Release Formulas 7 Harmony foods company Melloy 1989
L88-01506D DAVID CORMACK ORDER RE: Remedy to Effectuate the Set Aside of the Foreclosure Sale 7 Cormack Melloy 1989
L88-01027W LOUISE FOREST MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Re: Confirmation of Plan 13 Forest Melloy 1989
L88-00886W BRENT INDUSTRIES INC MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Re: Election of Trustee 7 Brent industries inc Melloy 1989
L88-01506D DAVID CORMACK MEMORANDUM AND ORDER RE: Complaint to Avoid Foreclosure Sale as a Fraudulent Transfer 7 Cormack Melloy 1989
L88-00313C DANIEL MONTGOMERY MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Re: Trustee's Objection to Exemption 7 Montgomery Melloy 1989
L89-00495D CHESSLINE INC MEMORANDUM AND ORDER RE: Motion to Dismiss 11 Chessline inc Melloy 1989
L84-01200 LELAND EGANHOUSE ORDER Re: Motions to Compel Discovery 7 Eganhouse Melloy 1989
L-88-01204W NORMAN KLEINSCHMIDT ORDER Denying Motion For New Trial or Relief From Order of Dismissal 12 Kleinschmidt Melloy 1989
L87-02485W GARY WILLARD MEMORANDUM AND ORDER re: Objection to Confirmation of Plan and Objection to Discharge 13 Willard Melloy 1988
87-00407C WATER BROTHERS PARTNERSHIP AMENDED MEMORANDUM Re: Determination of Secured Status 11 Water brothers partnership Melloy 1988
87-01074C IOWA TACO COMPANY MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Granting Debtor's Application to Make Supplemental Partial Payment to IRS 11 Iowa taco company Melloy 1988
87-01633C,87-01632C MARK THOMAS ORDER Granting Extension of Time to File Complaints Objecting to Discharge and/or Dischargeability Thomas Melloy 1988
84-01109 DAVID KERNDT MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Denying Motion to Amend or Make Additional Findings of Fact or Alter or Amend the Judgment Kerndt Melloy 1988