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Case # and Debtor Name(s) Description Chapter Numbersort descending Debtor Last Name Judge Name Decision Year
L88-00703W I TROST MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Re: Objections To Exemption and Discharge 7 Trost Melloy 1989
86-00453S VALENTINO MADIA FINDINGS OF FACT, CONCLUSIONS OF LAW AND ORDERS re: Objection of Trustee to Debtors' Claim of Exemptions 7 Madia Melloy 1987
L88-00894D ALAN TIGGES MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Re: Amendment to Petition & Additional Exemption Claim 7 Tigges Melloy 1988
Y88-00664W KIRKIE'S IMPLEMENT INC Ruling on Trustee's Amended Complaint to Recover Funds or Property 7 Kirkie's implement inc Melloy 1989
L-88-00089C BREWER AUTOMOTIVE INC Ruling Re Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment 7 Brewer automotive inc Melloy 1990
L-86-02849C LARRY LAWRENCE Ruling Re: Application to Sell An Asset of the Bankruptcy Estate 7 Lawrence Melloy 1992
L-89-00013W DONALD EICHELBERGER Ruling Re: Trustee's Turn Over Complaint 7 Eichelberger Melloy 1990
L88-00179F MCLAUGHLIN FARMS INC MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Denying Request for Attorney's Fees 7 Mclaughlin farms inc Melloy 1988
L-91-01882D PATRICK MCCABE FINDINGS OF FACT CONCLUSIONS OF LAW AND ORDER Re: Debtor's Motion To Avoid Lien 7 Mccabe Melloy 1992
L86-02003C,L87-01834C DONUTLAND INC MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Re: Motion For Partial Summary Judgment 7 Donutland inc Melloy 1989
X-85-02156S JIMMIE MCKIBBIN RULING RE: Plaintiff's Complaint for Attorney Fees 7 Mckibbin Melloy 1991
83-02003 GARY CRAWFORD MEMORANDUM & ORDER 7 Crawford Melloy 1988
L87-01224W ADRIAN STRAND MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Re: Application for Contempt 7 Strand Melloy 1989
87-01821S PATRICK ROONEY MEMORANDUM AND ORDER RE: Denying Motion for SUMMARY JUDGMENT 7 Rooney Melloy 1988
L-88-01044W WALTER BURNETTE Ruling re Motion for Summary Judgment 7 Burnette Melloy 1990