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Case # and Debtor Name(s) Description Chapter Number Debtor Last Name Judge Name Decision Year
L-89-01099C DLCC PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Ruling re: Objection to Disclosure Statement 11 Dlcc property investments limited partnership Melloy 1990
L-90-00445C CEDAR RAPIDS MEATS INC Ruling re: Debtor's Motion for Interim Relief from Certain Provisions of a Collective Bargaining Agreement 11 Cedar rapids meats inc Melloy 1990
L-89-00934W JAMES WEAVER Ruling re: Application for Allocation and Payment of Administrative Expenses 7 Weaver Melloy 1990
L-90-00445C CEDAR RAPIDS MEATS INC Ruling re: Complaint to Recover Property 11 Cedar rapids meats inc Melloy 1990
L-90-00181W WILLIAM PALMER ORDER Dismissing Case 7 Palmer Melloy 1990
L-90-00409C DAVID KLAREN Ruling Re:Motion to Avoid Lien 13 Klaren Melloy 1990
A-86-01718S VER DELL COX Memorandum and Order re Settlement Agreement 11 Cox Melloy 1990
L84-01200 LELAND EGANHOUSE Memorandum and order Re: Defendants' Motion for Sanctions and/or Bill of Costs 7 Eganhouse Melloy 1990
L-89-00673C CURTIS ANDREWS Ruling re: Dischargeability Complaint 7 Andrews Melloy 1990
L-89-00535W RAYMOND MORRIS ORDER Dismissing Case 13 Morris Melloy 1990
L-89-01189C MECHANICSVILLE BANCSHARES INC Ruling Re: Motion to Dismiss Complaint for Injunctive and Other Relief Motion for Relief from Stay and Motion for Extension of Exclusivity Periods 7 Mechanicsville bancshares inc Melloy 1990
L-89-00489W DOUGLAS BAGENSTOS RULING RE: Dischargeability Complaint 7 Bagenstos Melloy 1990
L-89-00268C JAMES CALDEMEYER Ruling re: Dischargeability Complaint 7 Caldemeyer Melloy 1990
L-89-01014W,L-89-01015W ROLAND WEISS Ruling re: Motions to Dismiss and Objections to Exemptions 7 Weiss Melloy 1990
L-88-00089C BREWER AUTOMOTIVE INC Ruling Re Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment 7 Brewer automotive inc Melloy 1990