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Case # and Debtor Name(s) Description Chapter Numbersort descending Debtor Last Name Judge Name Decision Year
L86-02548C DAN DAVIES MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Re: Motion for Sanctions 7 Davies Melloy 1989
L88-00112W JERRY ELLIS MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Re: Complaint to Determine Dischargeability 7 Ellis Melloy 1989
85-00447C STASKAL FARMS INC MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Granting Trustee's Motion for Redemption of Stock Certificates 7 Staskal farms inc Melloy 1988
L-90-00445C CEDAR RAPIDS MEATS INC Ruling Re: Defendant's Motion For Summary Judgment 7 Cedar rapids meats inc Melloy 1992
L-89-00009D LARRY WHITE ORDER Denying Complaint For Temporary Restraining Order 7 White Melloy 1989
L-89-01410C IOWA STEEL EXPRESS INC Ruling Re: Trustee's Complaint Seeking Turn Over of Preferential Transfers 7 Iowa steel express inc Melloy 1991
L-89-00489W DOUGLAS BAGENSTOS RULING RE: Dischargeability Complaint 7 Bagenstos Melloy 1990
83-02003 GARY CRAWFORD MEMORANDUM & ORDER 7 Crawford Melloy 1988
L-87-01442C FRANK TAYLOR ORDER RE: Trustee's Motion for Contempt 7 Taylor Melloy 1991
87-01821S PATRICK ROONEY MEMORANDUM AND ORDER RE: Denying Motion for SUMMARY JUDGMENT 7 Rooney Melloy 1988
L-89-00414C ORTHOPEDIC COUCH & BEDDING RULING 7 Orthopedic couch & bedding Melloy 1991
L88-00619C RONNIE WESTPHELING MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Re: Motion to Avoid Security Interest 7 Westpheling Melloy 1989
86-02500D BEN MIEHE MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Re: Motions for Summary Judgment 7 Miehe Melloy 1988
L-91-00895C DENNIS NYGAARD Ruling Re: Motion for Summary Judgment 7 Nygaard Melloy 1992
L-91-00377D ZELE BREWING COMPANY Ruling Re: Equipment Removal 7 Zele brewing company Melloy 1992