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Case # and Debtor Name(s) Description Chapter Number Debtor Last Name Judge Name Decision Year
L-89-00013W DONALD EICHELBERGER Ruling Re: Trustee's Turn Over Complaint 7 Eichelberger Melloy 1990
L-87-01577W DAVID GOOD ORDER RE: Motion for Summary Judgment 11 Good Melloy 1990
L-89-01099C DLCC PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Ruling re: Complaint for Injunctive Relief 7 Dlcc property investments limited partnership Melloy 1990
L-0-00583W RICKY VESELY Ruling Re: Motion to Avoid Lien 7 Vesely Melloy 1990
L-87-01882C FRANK J. TAYLOR Ruling re: Trustee's Motion For Partial Summary Judgment and Defendants' Cross- 7 Taylor Melloy 1990
L-88-01681W DODD BADER Ruling re: Application for Enlargement of Time to File complaint 7 Bader Melloy 1990
L-90-00445C CEDAR RAPIDS MEATS INC Ruling re: Debtor's Motion to Terminate Pension Plan 11 Cedar rapids meats inc Melloy 1990
A-86-01718S VER DELL COX ORDER RE: Motion to Convert to Chapter 7 7 Cox Melloy 1990
L-87-00345S GEORGE ROGER EASTON and ELSIE M. EASTON ORDER RE: Remand 12 Easton Melloy 1990
L-89-00476C RICHARD KELLY Ruling re: Dischargeability Complaint 7 Kelly Melloy 1990
L87-01882C FRANK J. TAYLOR MEMORANDUM & ORDER Re: Objection to Discharge 7 Taylor Melloy 1989
L86-02548C DAN DAVIES MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Re: Motion for Sanctions 7 Davies Melloy 1989
L88-00619C RONNIE WESTPHELING MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Re: Motion to Avoid Security Interest 7 Westpheling Melloy 1989
L87-01882C FRANK J. TAYLOR MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Re: Debtor's Motion to Dismiss 7 Taylor Melloy 1989