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Case # and Debtor Name(s) Description Chapter Numbersort descending Debtor Last Name Judge Name Decision Year
L88-01436W WALTER O'BRIEN MEMORANDUM & ORDER Re: Objection to Exemptions & Motion to Avoid Lien 7 O'brien Melloy 1989
L-90-01056W STACY FRICKE Ruling Re: Motion for Relief From Stay and Motion to Avoid Lien 7 Fricke Melloy 1991
L88-00313C DANIEL MONTGOMERY MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Re: Trustee's Objection to Exemption 7 Montgomery Melloy 1989
L-89-01099C DLCC PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Ruling re: Complaint for Injunctive Relief 7 Dlcc property investments limited partnership Melloy 1990
L-91-00377D ZELE BREWING COMPANY FINDINGS OF FACT CONCLUSIONS OF LAW AND ORDER Re: Application for the Allowance of Administrative ExRenses 7 Zele brewing company Melloy 1992
L86-01124C DALE KIEFER ORDER Re: Attorneys' Fees 7 Kiefer Melloy 1988
L88-00179F MCLAUGHLIN FARMS INC MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Denying Request for Attorney's Fees 7 Mclaughlin farms inc Melloy 1988
L-90-02181D BRIAN BOLTON ORDER RE: Assumption of Executory Contract and objection Thereto 7 Bolton Melloy 1991
L88-01533W ARTHUR MOLLEKKEN ORDER Re: Motion to Compromise Controversy 7 Mollekken Melloy 1989
86-02425S RONALD HANNA FINDINGS OF FACT, CONCLUSIONS OF LAW AND ORDERS Re: Dischargeability of Certain Interest and Penalties 7 Hanna Melloy 1987
86-01700M JAMES CLARK FINDINGS OF FACT, CONCLUSIONS OF LAW AND ORDER Sustaining Objection Of Norwest Bank Mason City To Debtor's Claim Of Exemptions 7 Clark Melloy 1987
L-90-02067C TERRY KNOLL ORDER RE: Objection to Exemptions 7 Knoll Melloy 1991
L-89-01068D ELDON A. GRAVEL and LORRAINE H. GRAVEL Ruling Re: Realtors Commission 7 Gravel Melloy 1990
L-90-00445C CEDAR RAPIDS MEATS INC Ruling Re: Application of Heller Financial Inc. To Have Attorney Fees and Expenses Included as Part of Its Secured Claim 7 Cedar rapids meats inc Melloy 1992