The Frequent Filer

The Frequent Filer is our CM/ECF Newsletter! From time to time, we send out and publish here on the web a great deal of important information about CM/ECF. Make the Frequent Filer your source for official CM/ECF information!

Issue # Summary of Frequent Filer Topics:
37 July 22, 2014 New Website - August 6th, 2014
36 May 30, 2014 Redaction Requirements in Electronic Filing, New Fee Schedule, Becoming a Super Scanner, Certificates of Service
35 December 2,2013 December 1, 2013 Rule and Form Changes, New Fee Schedule, Division Assignment Changes, Holiday Hours for Clerk's Office
34 October 8, 2013 Courtroom Technology, Proper Format for Proposed Orders, Deconsolidation, Top 5 Filing Errors, Matrix Requirements
33 March 29, 2013 Release 5 Enhancements, New Clerk of Court, Visiting the Courthouse, Reminder Roundup
32 August 24, 2012 CM/ECF Search Feature, Process Improvements, Courthouse Move
31 February 17, 2012 Retirement of Judge Edmonds, Notice of Mortgage Payment Change, PACER Fee Increases
30 Frequent Filer January 10 2012 Text Orders, Update on Proposed Orders, Improvement to Notice of Mortgage Payment Change Docket Event
29 November 30, 2011 Rule 3002.1, Docketing of Proposed Orders, Failover Testing, Password Changes in CM/ECF, Automated Reply Emails, ACH Payment Option
28 October 19, 2011 341 BNC Paper Notifications, PACER Changes with 4.2, Filing Fee Increase