Standing Orders

Standing Orders are orders entered by the Court that are generally applicable to all proceedings before the Court, subject to any limitations noted in a given Standing Order. All current and superceded Standing Orders are listed below; the full text of active Standing Orders of general applicability is available by clicking on the order number link.


Judges' Notices

Date IssuedDescription
2008-03-12Regarding Advertisements/Links in Documents Filed in ECF System

Active Standing Orders

Order #ExhibitDescriptionEffective Date
1Electronic Case Filing and Case Management Procedures2002-04-01
Exhibit 1Administrative Procedures for Filing, Signing, Verifying and Maintaining Pleadings and Other Papers in the Electronic Case Filing System (as Amended)2002-04-01
Exhibit 1 RevisedRevision: Administrative Procedures for Filing, Signing, Verifying and Maintaining Pleadings and Other Papers in the Electronic Case Filing System (as Amended)2008-11-05
2Privacy & Public Access to Electronic Case Files2003-12-01
3Sanctions for Failing to File Electronically2005-01-01
4Discontinuation of Redundant Paper Notices2005-01-15
7Requiring Disclosure of Compensation (Form B280)2005-01-15
8Vacating Standing Order No. 52005-02-28
13 Preferred Creditor Addresses (Addendum added 10/8/2008)2005-10-17
14Motions to Dismiss Re: Failure to Provide Tax Information2005-10-17
23Requiring Official Form B6, Directors Form B104 (Supercedes Standing Order 21)2006-10-17
Exhibit 1Official Form B6-Summary: Summary of Schedules & Certain Liabilities
Exhibit 2Director's Form B104: Adversary Proceeding Cover Sheet
24Sanctions for Failing to File Electronically2007-01-01
07-01Reaffirmation Agreements -- Required Form (Supercedes Standing Orders 12 and 20)2005-10-17
07-04Requiring Certified Motion for Chapter 13 Discharge (Supercedes Standing Order 16)2005-04-20
Exhibit 1Official Form IANB1328: Certified Motion for Chapter 13 Discharge
Exhibit 2Admin. Procedures Re Chapter 13 Discharge
08-01Temporary Relocation of Cedar Rapids Court Facility2008-06-21
08-02Reconstitution of Cedar Rapids Court Facility2008-09-08
08-03Adoption of Transcript Policy2008-10-08
08-04Order Repealing Standing Order No. 15 and Adopting Interim Rule 50122008-12-01
08-06Disclosure/Corporate Ownership Statement Requirements2008-12-05
08-07National Guard and Reservists Debt Relief Act of 20082008-12-19
08-09Order Vacating Standing Order No. 08-082008-12-24
09-04Courtroom Security2009-04-15
09-07Incorporation of Amendments to Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure2009-12-01
Exhibit 1Exhibit 1 - National Guard and Reservists Debt Relief Act of 20082008-12-19
09-08Holiday Hours of Operation 20092009-10-01
09-11Order Vacating Standing Order 09-072009-12-01
09-12Order Replacing Exhibit 1 to Standing Order 08-07 and Adopting the Revised Interim Rule 1007-I2009-12-01
09-13Order Vacating Standing Orders Due to Revised Local Rules2009-12-01
10-03Order Replacing Exhibit 1 to Standing Order 08-07 and Adopting The Revised Interim Rules 1007-I2010-11-30
10-04Order Establishing Base Dollar Amount for Interest Bearing Registry Deposits and Procedures Governing Monies Paid into the Court2010-11-30
11-03Order Amending Standing Order 10-042011-05-19

Standing Orders of Limited Applicability

9Standing Order No. 9 is of limited applicability
10Standing Order No. 10 is of limited applicability
18Standing Order No. 18 is of limited applicability
19Standing Order No. 19 is of limited applicability
07-02Standing Order No. 07-02 is of limited applicability
07-03Standing Order No. 07-03 is of limited applicability
07-05Standing Order No. 07-05 is of limited applicability
08-01Standing Order No. 08-01 is of limited applicability
08-02Standing Order No. 08-02 is of limited applicability
08-05Standing Order No. 08-05 is of limited applicability
08-09Standing Order No. 08-09 is of limited applicability and vacates Standing Order No. 08-08
09-02Standing Order No. 09-02 is of limited applicability
09-03Standing Order No. 09-03 is of limited applicability
09-05Standing Order No. 09-05 is of limited applicability
09-06Standing Order No. 09-06 is of limited applicability
09-08Standing Order No. 09-08 is of limited applicability
09-09Standing Order No. 09-09 is of limited applicability
09-10Standing Order No. 09-10 is of limited applicability
10-01Standing Order No. 10-01 is of limited applicability
10-02Standing Order No. 10-02 is of limited applicability
11-01Standing Order No. 11-01 is of limited applicability
11-02Standing Order No. 11-02 is of limited applicability
11-04Standing Order No. 11-04 is of limited applicability
12-01Standing Order No. 12-01 is of limited applicability

Standing Order No. 13-01 is of limited applicability

Inactive Standing Orders

1Vacated by Standing Order 09-13
3Superceded by Standing Order No. 24
4Vacated by Standing Order 09-13
5Vacated by Standing Order No. 8
6There is no Standing Order No. 6
7Vacated by Standing Order 09-13
11Vacated by Standing Order No. 15
12Superceded by Standing Order 07-01
13Vacated by Standing Order 09-13
14Vacated by Standing Order 09-13
16Superceded by Standing Order No. 07-04
17Superceded by Standing Order 20
20Superceded by Standing Order 07-01
21Superceded by Standing Order 23
23Vacated by Standing Order 09-13
24Vacated by Standing Order 09-13
07-01Vacated by Standing Order 09-13
07-04Vacated by Standing Order 09-13
08-04Vacated by Standing Order 09-13
08-06Vacated by Standing Order 09-13
08-08Vacated by Standing Order 08-09
09-04Vacated by Standing Order 09-13
09-07Vacated by Standing Order 09-11
10-04Amended by Standing Order 11-03

Administrative Orders Still in Effect

Order Description  
106 Incomplete Documents
107 Transfer to FRC
119 Exemption From PACER Fees - Public Terminal and Trustees
121 Exemption From PACER Fees - U.S. Trustee
122 Court Electronic Noticing Procedures