Frequent Filer

March 6, 2015

Summary of Topics: Credit Card Payments Outside of CM/ECF, Means Test Update, ECF Logins, Updating Personal Information in CM/ECF

November 25, 2014

Summary of Topics: New CM/ECF Docket Events, New Means Test Events, Change to Time Frame for Service of Adversary Summons and Complaint

May 30, 2014

 Summary of Topics:

Redaction Requirements in Electronic Filing, New Fee Schedule, Becoming a Super Scanner, Certificates of Service

December 2, 2013

Summary of Topics:

December 1, 2013 Rule and Form Changes, New Fee Schedule, Division Assignment Changes, Holiday Hours for Clerk's Office

October 8, 2013

Summary of Topics:

Courtroom Technology, Proper Format for Proposed Orders, Deconsolidation, Top 5 Filing Errors, Matrix Requirements

March 29, 2013

Summary of Topics:

Release 5 Enhancements, New Clerk of Court, Visiting the Courthouse, Reminder Roundup

August 24, 2012

Summary of Topics: 

CM/ECF Search Feature, Process Improvements, Courthouse Move

February 17, 2012

Summary of Topics:

Retirement of Judge Edmonds, Notice of Mortgage Payment Change, PACER Fee Increases

January 10, 2012

Summary of Topics:

Text Orders, Update on Proposed Orders, Improvement to Notice of Mortgage Payment Change Docket Event

November 30, 2011

Summary of Topics:

Rule 3002.1, Docketing of Proposed Orders, Failover Testing, Password Changes in CM/ECF, Automated Reply Emails, ACH Payment Option