Attorney Registration

Attorney E-file Registration

Per Local Rules 2090-1 (a) for Iowa Northern Bankruptcy, "The bar of the Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Iowa shall consist of those attorneys who are admitted to practice and who remain in good standing before the United States District Court for either the Northern or Southern District of Iowa." 


Click here for Instructions for Registering to E-File as an attorney


NoteIf you are an attorney requesting limited filer (creditor) access, within your PACER registration, Select Non-Attorney E-file Registration.  Do NOT select Attorney Admissions/E-File Registration.




Pro Hac Vice Registration

Pro Hac Vice admission requires a written application to the bankruptcy court and in its discretion, an attorney who is not a member of the bar of Iowa Northern or Southern court my be permitted to appear and participate in a pending case and/or processing, assuming the application confirms to Local Rule 2090-1 (b)(3) and is granted. 

You can register to e-file and/or receive electronic noticing with the court via Pro Hac Vice Admission. When registering with the court through PACER, Select Pro Hac Vice.  Then, in the Additional Filer Information window, add the case number of the bankruptcy case you request permission to appear pro hac vice.  Your registration to e-file may be returned for additional information if the case number is omitted.

Access to file via PACER does not eliminate the requirement to file a Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice.

Click here for Instructions for Attorneys Admitted Pro Hac Vice Registering to E-file