Streamlining/Clarification of Process - Motions to Dismiss

Monday, September 13, 2010

In an effort to alleviate confusion and standardize the dismissal process for bankruptcy cases in the Northern District, the Clerk's Office has consolidated six different "Motion to Dismiss" CM/ECF events into a single docket event/entry. The new "Dismiss Case/Debtor(s)" event, found under the Motions menu, is intended for use in dismissal actions related to: (1) Abuse; (2) Failure to Make Plan Payments; (3) Failure to File Documents under 521(i)(1); (4) Failure to Provide Tax Return Documentation under 521(e); (5) Failure to File Taxes; and (6) For Other Reasons. The new "Dismiss Case/Debtor(s)" event now includes a pick list, allowing the filing party to select the appropriate cause of their motion/action. The Clerk's Office now maintains two Motion to Dismiss docket events for use in Adversary Proceedings. These events are Motion to Dismiss Adversary Proceeding and Motion to Dismiss Party