What documents do I need to start a bankruptcy?


A complete list of the documents and forms necessary to start a bankruptcy case under any chapter of the Bankruptcy Code is listed under the filing requirements section of this web site.

If you need to start your case quickly, you can file only those documents indicated as minimum documents required for filing. All additional documents must be filed within the time indicated. Your failure to timely file additional required documents or seek an extension of time to do so may result in dismissal of your case.

The clerk's office does not supply Official Bankruptcy Forms or sample plans. However, Official Bankruptcy Forms may be downloaded from this web site under Forms.

Type the information on the forms, if possible.

A response is necessary for every question. If your answer is "none" or "not applicable," put "none" or "N/A." Use continuation pages when you run out of room. Sign each form where required. If filing a joint case, make sure that your spouse signs too.

Prepare your creditor matrix (a mailing list of all your creditors) according to the matrix format instructions. The matrix must alphabetically list the names, with complete addresses of: creditors. Include any creditors, assignees, agents, or attorneys, and equity security holders. Mailing matrixes MUST be typed.