United States Bankruptcy Court
Northern District of Iowa
Chief Judge Thad J. Collins, Presiding
March 20, 2018
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Court Location: Cedar Rapids
10:00 am  14-01504David Eugene Yuska
 Hearing: RE: Doc #447; Objection to Claim  (Vacated 03/20/2018)
    David Eugene Yuska (Debtor), Pro Se
Renee K. Hanrahan (Trustee)
United States Trustee (U.S. Trustee)
Telephonic Hearing(s)
 1:30 pm  17-01256Jacob W Madsen
 Hearing: RE: Doc #18; Motion to Extend/Shorten Time  (Vacated 03/15/2018)
    Sean K. Heitmann representing Jacob W Madsen (Debtor)
David A. Sergeant (Trustee)
United States Trustee (U.S. Trustee)

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