The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Iowa is pleased to announce its new CM/ECF training initiative, the CM/ECF Interactive Training Program. The modules listed below have been designed to provide an interactive overview to the screens and steps involved in filing a number of papers/pleadings with the court. These modules are not only intended to replace the "in-person" training requirement for electronic filing certification within the Northern District, but can also be used as a quick refresher for even the most seasoned electronic filer.

Refresher Training: For a quick refresher on filing procedures for specific document, or on managing a utility function, simply select the appropriate lesson from the alphabetical listing of all available modules, and begin the module.

Certification Training: If you are new to our district, need to be certified to file electronically with us, and have never received training from another court, you can be certified/receive your login and password in a few simple steps:

  1. Complete the appropriate Interactive Training Modules (choose the appropriate area of emphasis of your bankruptcy practice, Debtor or Creditor representation).
  2. Complete the Knowledge Check for that area and save the page with your results as a PDF file.
  3. Complete the Registration Form.
  4. Send an email to and attach your registration form and the results page from your knowledge check.

Cross-Certification: If you have completed ECF training with another U.S. Bankruptcy or District Court, you can be certified to access the ECF system in this district without further training. To apply for cross-certification:

  1. Complete the Registration Form.
  2. Send an email to and attach your registration form.

Please note: Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Shockwave Flash Player is required to view these lessons.

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