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Courthouse Guidance

All persons entering our federal courthouses must present a valid federal or state photo ID. Items such as weapons, cell phones, electronic devices, food and drink are not allowed in the buildings.  Tobacco use is prohibited in the courthouses and on courthouse grounds. All bags, purses, briefcases, etc. are subject to inspection. Metal detection devices are used in our courthouses.  Click here for USMS Pub. 203.

Metered parking is available in nearby parking ramps or on the street.  Click here for maps of courthouse locations.

Click here for list of Items Prohibited from Federal Facilities.

Courtroom Decorum

(A)    The purpose of these guidelines is to state, for those unfamiliar with the traditions of this court, certain basic principles concerning courtroom behavior and decorum. These guidelines also set forth additional requirements for courtrooms with Digital Audio Recording (DAR) equipment.

(B)    When appearing in this court, unless excused by the presiding judge, all counsel (including, where the context applies, all persons at counsel table) shall abide by the following:

  1. Dress in business attire appropriate to the dignity of the court.
  2. Stand as court is opened, recessed or adjourned.
  3. Address all remarks to the court, not to opposing counsel.
  4. Counsel should introduce themselves at the beginning by stating their name and the parties they represent, spelling names if needed.
  5. Do NOT speak over another person.
  6. All exhibits must be marked for identification before tendered to the court designee or witness for examination; any exhibit offered in evidence should, at the time of such offer, be handed to opposing counsel.
  7. Counsel shall admonish and discourage all persons at counsel table from making gestures, facial expressions, audible comments, or the like at any time.
  8. Smoking, food and drink are prohibited in the courtroom at all times.  Water will be available at the counsel tables.
  9. Conversations not necessary to the courtroom proceedings are not permitted while court is in session.
  10. For courtrooms equipped with Digital Audio Recording (DAR) equipment:
  • Speak clearly and directly into the microphone.
  • Be aware that the microphone is recording at all times and conversations not intended to be recorded on the record must take place outside the courtroom.
  • If use of portable, clip-on microphones will be required when court is in session, request them from the Scheduling Deputy before the proceedings begin.

Courtroom Technology available in the Cedar Rapids Courthouse

Attorneys who wish to present evidence in our Cedar Rapids courtroom should make arrangements with the Courtroom Deputy. Courtroom technology training and testing of equipment is advised prior to any hearing.

Wireless access to the internet in the Cedar Rapids and Sioux City courtrooms is provided to attorneys and their staff. A password will be posted in the courtrooms and use of the password implies acceptance of the Attorney Wireless Acceptance Use Policy.

Equipment Available in Cedar Rapids Courtroom:

  • A/V Control Touch Panels
  • LCD Evidence Digital Monitors
  • Evidence Annotation System
  • Lavalier Microphones
  • Evidence Document Cameras
  • Teleconference System
  • Evidence Projector System
  • Video Conference System
  • HDMI and VGA Connections for Laptop CD/DVD Playback

Equipment Needed by the Attorney:

  • Laptop or iPad with Desktop Background set to a plain setting (no photo backgrounds)
  • Screensavers disabled or turned Off (no 3D screensavers)
  • Power Supply for your device
  • Depending on the connection ports for your equipment, you may need an HDMI or VGA Adapter to fit the courtroom standard Male HDMI or Male VGA Interface Cable; contact the Court prior to the hearing date if you are unsure if you need an adapter
  • Presentation material stored on your device or a flash drive you can plug into your device

Connecting your Equipment:

  • Plug your power cord into the outlet at the attorney tables
  • Connect your device to the system using the HDMI or VGA cable provided
  • Power on your device
  • Know the password for your device

***Not all technology is compatible and it is recommended that you have a backup plan in case of an unforeseen power, hardware or software problem.***