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Open Involuntary BK Case

Procedures to file document

Use this event if you are a creditor and think that a party should be in bankruptcy. Please note that the filing fee must be paid in full at the time of filing.

  1. Choose Bankruptcy
  2. Choose Open an Involuntary BK Case
  3. Select the proper chapter from the drop down menu and click Next
  4. Search for the debtor and click Next.
    1. If your party is not listed, select Add/Create New Party
    2. Enter party's last/business name and click Search
    3. If party is now listed, select and click Select name from list
    4. If party is not listed, click Create new party
      1. Enter Last name, First names, Middle name if applicable, select the proper response from the Role drop-down list and click Submit. (NOTE - Address is not necessary if you are the attorney for the party you are entering. Service will be made upon you, as the attorney.) Repeat if you are adding more than one party.
    5. Your party should now be available to select and click Next
  5. Search for the petitioning creditor and repeat the same process above and end petitioning creditor selection once you have completed the process.
  6. Review information screen regarding Office and click Next
  7. Select Nature of debt from the drop down menu and choose the proper radio buttons for Type of debtor and Nature of business and click Next
  8. Browse for your pdf document
    1. Do you have attachments to add?
    2. Select Yes and click Next
    3. Browse for your pdf document
    4. Select a Type from the drop down list and/or add in a description of the attachments
    5. Click Add to List
    6. Repeat for any additional attachments
    7. Click Next
  9. Review fee information screen and click Next
  10. Review docket text for correctness.
  11. You do not have a second chance to assure correct docketing of the event and you are given a reminder to redact. If satisfied with your docket event, click Next. If you need to correct something, you can simply begin the docket event again.