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Open Voluntary BK Case

Procedures to Docket the Petition

  1. Choose Bankruptcy
  2. Choose Open Voluntary BK Case
  3. Select the proper chapter from the drop down menu and select Y/N for the Joint Petition and Deficiencies fields as appropriate. Leave the Origin field defaulted to "Original" and click Next.
  4. Search for the debtor (type in the debtor's social security number) and click Search.
    1. If the debtor's information appears under the Party Search Results, verify ALL information is correct, (must match exactly) then choose "Select Name From List."
    2. If search results display "No Person Found," select "Create New Party."
      1. Enter the debtor's Last name, First name, Middle name if applicable into the appropriate fields.
      2. Continue entering Social Security Number, Address, County and any other information into the appropriate fields.
      3. Click on Alias to enter any akas, dbas, or fkas. Click Add aliases.
      4. Party Text field allows you to add additional information about the debtor (e.g., debtor is a business and the business is a division of a larger corporation). If this is not applicable, you can skip this field.
      5. When all information has been entered, click on Submit
  5. If petition is a joint filing, search for the joint debtor. Select the Copy Previous Party's Address option if joint debtor has the same address.
    1. If information is retrieved in the search, verify all information before selecting the party (must match exactly). Otherwise, select "Create a New Party."
    2. Enter the joint debtor information into the appropriate fields
    3. Click on Alias to enter any akas, dbas, or fkas.
    4. When all information has been entered, click on Submit
  6. Verify the divisional office assignment and click Next
  7. Enter the required statistical information, all information can be found on the first 2 pages of the voluntary petition.
  8. On the Summary of Schedules Screen, enter the dollar amounts.
  9. Choose Complete or Incomplete schedules
  10. Browse and select the PDF of the petition
  11. Indicate whether or not presumption arises (found on front of Means Test) and click Next
  12. Review fee information screen and click Next
  13. Review docket text for correctness; modify as appropriate and click Next
  14. Click Next one more time.
  15. The Notice of Electronic Filing screen displays confirming you have successfully filed the case.  This screen displays the case number assigned to this case.  Click Next
  16. The Electronic Payment displays (Pay.Gov). To pay for this case, click Pay Now.  To file additional cases, click Continue Filing.
  17. The Online Payment Page displays, allowing you to enter your payment information.  Authorize the payment by checking the box. Click Submit Payment.
  18. A message will appear while your payment is being processed. Upon completion, you will see a message indicating you rpayment has posted.