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Overview of Case Filing Options

There are two options to choose from when filing a new bankruptcy case:

1. Conventional (Open a BK Case): Using the conventional CM/ECF system, the attorney creates a PDF file of documents (or mulitple PDFs) and a text file of the creditor matrix.  The attorney then accesses CM/ECF and Open a Voluntary BK case.

2. Case Upload:  Create and save the following documents:

  • Debtor information (txt file). Bankruptcy Software programs are available to properly format this information (see Note below)
  • Voluntary Petition (pdf file)
  • Creditor Matrix (txt file). See Matrix Requirements for additional information.
  • Certificate of Credit Counseling (pdf file)
  • Employment Income Records (pdf file)
  • Plan, if applicable (pdf file)

Once these files are saved, you log in to CM/ECF and click on Bankruptcy>Case Upload.  Browse to locate the files.

Note:  Bankruptcy Software's ECF Filing Programs:  Most bankruptcy software programs will submit files without going through any question/ answer screens on the court's ECF site. It makes the entire electronic filing process easier and faster for attorneys and their staff, integrating the ECF upload process with attorney's bankruptcy software.  Contact your bankruptcy software vendor if you have any questions.