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FAQs: Attorney

Frequently Asked Questions are provided as a reference.  To view questions more specific to your needs, click on the applicable tab. The default landing page lists all questions.

  • How can I request No Further ECF Notices

    ECF participants have complained that they receive email Notices of Electronic Filing (NEF’s) of documents in which they have no interest. In particular, ECF participants receive NEF’s in bankruptcy main cases if they are associated with the adversary proceeding, even if the adversary is closed and they have withdrawn from or were never involved in the main case.

    To avoid receiving notices for bankruptcy cases when you are only involved in the related Adversary Proceeding, go to Utilities > Maintain Your ECF Account. Click the Email Information button. On the screen, choose the radio button 'Send notices for adversary proceedings in which I am directly involved but not for their related bankruptcy cases'. Click Return to Account Screen and on the next screen you must click Submit for any changes to become effective.

    If your client’s involvement with a case has ended, you may file a withdrawal from case by filing a motion to withdraw.


  • How do I get admitted to practice in the Bankruptcy Court or apply to appear in a case Pro Hac Vice?

    Admission to practice - The Bankruptcy Court does not have its own bar. To practice in the Bankruptcy Court you need to be admitted to the federal bar of the United States District Court for the Northern or Southern Districts of Iowa. Visit the Iowa Northern District Court's website for Attorney Admission Information.

    Appear pro hac vice - An attorney who neither resides nor maintains an office in the Northern or Southern Districts of Iowa can request to participate in a case upon application to the bankruptcy court. For further information, click here and/or review Local Rule 2090-1(b)(3).  There is no admission fee charged for filing Pro Hac Vice in the Northern District of Iowa's Bankruptcy Court..

  • How many copies of Exhibits do I need?

    See the Exhibits webpage for more information.

  • How should a proposed order be filed?

    Proposed Orders shall be submitted as a PDF by email to the CR Scheduling Deputy

  • What is bankruptcy software?

    Bankruptcy petition preparation software creates the types of files required for electronic filing of bankruptcy cases to CM/ECF. 
    The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Iowa neither requires nor recommends the use of petition preparation software, and cannot answer any technical questions regarding such software. 

  • What is the Judgment Interest Rate?

    On all judgments entered on and after December 21, 2000, interest is calculated from the date of the entry of the judgment at a rate equal to the weekly average 1-year constant maturity Treasury yield, as published by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, for the calendar week preceding the date of the judgment.

    The interest information is available at the following Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis website link: The applicable rate is listed under U.S. government securities - Treasury constant maturities - 1-year. The listed rate is applicable to a judgment entered in the week after the week ending on the date in the Period column. Rates for prior weeks can be found by selecting a different Period date at the top of the table.