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Online Fee Payments

Free Online Fee Payment Program for Self-Represented Filers (Pro Se) and Certain Miscellaneous Fees for Registered ECF Users


1.  Link to Pay.Gov  Online Payment Page

2.  Link to Training Instructions

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Iowa is pleased to announce a free electronic fee payment method available to Self-Represented Parties, and for limited fees to ECF filers (see specific fee categories listed below). By using this Online Payment Form, debtors can make installment payments for Individual Chapter 7, 11,12 and 13 filing fees with a debit card, PayPal account or via electronic draft from their bank account. The method, called Automated Clearing House (ACH), allows Debit and Debit Card payments to be processed through The online payment program cannot be used for Chapter 13 plan payments to be paid to the trustees. is operated by the U.S. Department of Treasury and is a web-based application that allows you to make online payments to government agencies by electronic check or debit card from your personal or business checking or savings accounts or through PayPal accounts.

You can also use this form to pay other fees owed to the court. Click here for more information about obtaining document copies or call the Clerk's office.

For self-represented parties, you must be able to describe the type of document and the total amount to be paid (e.g., case number, case name, installment payment, $50.00). Please review this training document for step by step instructions on how to use this free online fee payment program.


Please use the Online Payment Form link to make your payment for the following types of fees, using either your debit card, Paypay account or via electronic draft from your bank account (ACH).


Installment Payments


Amended Bankruptcy Schedules **


A request for copy(ies) of court documents    Available for ECF Filer to Use


A request for certified copy of document(s)    Available for ECF Filer to Use


Recordings of hearings                                  Available for ECF Filer to Use


Request for record search                             Available for ECF Filer to Use<


Motion to Reopen Chapter 7 or 13 **


Conversion 7 to 13 **


Conversion 7 to 11 **


Conversion 13 to 7 **


Conversion 13 to 11 **


Adversary Proceedings **


**these actions require the filing of a document with the Court.

You must be able to describe the document and the total amount you are paying (e.g., case number, document number, amount). A separate form must be used for each case number. If you do not know the amount of the fee due or require additional information to make your payment, please contact the Clerk's office at (319) 286-2200 or (712) 233-3939.


This Online Payment Program is NOT intended for Use by Registered ECR Users (Attorneys or Limited Filers), with limited exception listed below:

ECF Filers should continue to make payment of court filing fees directly in ECF when filing a document with the Court.

The only exception to the above rule is for the following types of requests and related fees:

  • Request for certified copy(ies) of documents
  • Request for copy(ies) of documents
  • Request for record search
  • Request for the reproduction of an audio recording