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After You File

Expect a Notice from the Court about the Filing.  This notice will have important information and deadlines.  It will tell you when and where to appear for your Meeting of Creditors.  The notice will also have your case number and give you the name and address of your case trustee. 

Expect a Notice from the Court if Your Filing was Unfinished.  If you did not file all of the required documents with the petition or you owe a fee, the Court will send you a notice of things that must be done.  Most documents needed in a bankruptcy case are time sensitive.  If you do not file everything required within that time period, your case may be dismissed.  Review the checklist of required documents below:

Expect to Provide Copies of Your Tax Return.  You must provide a copy of your most recent federal tax return to your trustee 7 days before your Meeting of Creditors.  Your trustee may request some additional documentation at the Meeting of Creditors.  Failure to provide your trustee with requested information or documents may result in the dismissal of your case. 

Expect to Attend a Meeting of Creditors.  The Meeting of Creditors, also known as a 341 Meeting, is a meeting with your trustee.  The date, time, and location of the meeting will be on one of the first notices you receive from the Court.  At the meeting, the trustee will ask you questions about your property, debts, income, and expenses.  Your creditors may also attend the meeting and ask questions.  If you do not attend the meeting, your case may be dismissed.  Click here to watch a video about the Meeting of Creditors and learn more.

Expect that You Will Need to Complete Financial Management Counseling.  Before your case can be successfully concluded, you must take a Financial Management course. It must be taken after filing bankruptcy.  A certificate of financial management completion must be filed before you can receive a discharge.  Under limited situations, the Court may waive the requirement to complete financial management.  To fulfill the financial management requirement, do one of the following:

  • Find an Approved Financial Management Provider, take the course, and file the certificate of completion with the Court; or
  • Request a Waiver of Financial Management by completing and filing the waiver form.

Expect to File Other Documents if Certain Conditions Exist.